Project on Trade and Technology

The Project on Trade and Technology conducts original research on export controls, investment screening, economic statecraft, and technology alliances

Definitions of national security and economic security are increasingly concentric, resulting in profound changes to how the United States engages with the world. In tandem, issues like technology competition and export controls are playing an increasingly prominent role in foreign affairs, moving to the forefront of geopolitics. The Project on Trade and Technology researches these shifts and crafts policy roadmaps to enable the United States and its allies to capitalize on these seismic changes. Specific topics include:

  • Export Controls, Outbound Investment Screening, and other Trade Tools
  • Multilateral export control regimes
  • The Geopolitics of Trade and Technology
  • Allied Economic Engagement
  • Technology Alliances and Great Power Competition
  • Semiconductor Supply Chains
  • Emerging and Disruptive Technologies such as AI, Quantum Technology, and Biotechnology

As the world shifts towards an increasingly multipolar reality, crafting the right policies can better position the United States to capitalize on these changes, enhancing its national and economic security, while future-proofing its technology alliances.

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