Smart Women, Smart Power

SWSP is creating space for women in one of the most powerful decision-making spaces in the world: national security and foreign affairs

The Smart Women, Smart Power (SWSP) Initiative has a simple starting point: people are policy. We are committed to creating a platform for respectful and inclusive discussion of the many ways in which women influence and impact the international security, foreign policy and business agendas. The Smart Women, Smart Power Initiative launched in December 2014.

Contact Information

  • Alexis Day
  • Program Manager and Research Associate, Smart Women, Smart Power Initiative and Outreach Manager, International Security Program.

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Welcome to the U.S., EU Ambassador Neliupšienė!

March 13, 2024 • 10:00 – 10:30 am EDT

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Photo: CSIS

All About Defense Acquisition


Melissa A. Johnson, an Acquisition Executive in the U.S. Special Operations Command, joins to discuss the process behind acquisition, technology, and logistics in the Special Operations Forces.

Podcast Episode by Kathleen McInnis — February 14, 2024

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